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MRBA Fundraising Week update

We’re keen supporters of the Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA), which provides financial assistance and support to anyone who works or has worked in market research and to their immediate families.

To do our little bit this year, we participated in the MRBA’s fundraising week, held in October 2015. Our staff and alumni pledged kilometres – running, swimming, walking or cycling, steps per day and exercise classes – and the Research Academy has donate £1 for each kilometre completed. Our goal was to raise at least £150, but we managed to raise £163!

  • Programme Administrator Paula swam 5K swim and walked 35K for a total of 40K
  • Managing Director Sia ran 20K.
  • Managing Director Mia aimed to cycle 30K but didn’t quite make her goal – we’re donating £30 anyway!!
  • Academy Associate Lou took part in 5 exercises classes in a week and so at £5 per class she raised £25
  • Academy Associate Becky pledged to do 10,000 steps a day for a total of 50,000 steps which equates to 38K
  • Alumnus Mark Reynolds pledged and ran 10K

Some of our currents students also donated directly via the MRBA website. Their donations aren’t included in our tally.

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