What do we offer? We offer courses for two professional qualifications: the MRS Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice, and the MRS Diploma in Market and Social Research Practice. Both are part-time courses.

Who are they for? The MRS Advanced Certificate will help you establish yourself in market or social research. The MRS Diploma gives you the depth of knowledge you need to step up to senior research roles with confidence. Students come from small and large research agencies, public sector organisations and multinational companies.

Who does the teaching? Our courses are taught by experienced tutors who are also active, senior researchers.

Where can you study? You can study for the MRS Advanced Certificate either face-to-face in Central London or online. Our MRS Diploma course is a taught online course. Our online courses feature live online tutorials led by one of our experienced tutors. Regardless of which study mode you choose, you’ll have access to our interactive and supportive online learning environment. This includes access to recordings of our live webinar tutorials in case you miss a class.

How will we support you? You’ll have named personal tutor, and you’ll get plenty of constructive feedback on your work. Our carefully structured curriculum will keep you on track.

MRS Advanced Certificate course MRS Diploma course

MRS Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice

MRS Diploma in Market and Social Research Practice

  • For those with up to two years’ experience
  • Provides practical grounding in the theory and practice of good research
  • Five months of part-time study
  • Bursaries available via MRBA Skills
  • Next start date:  25 January 2021
  • For those with over three years’ experience
  • Provides advanced knowledge of research practice in preparation for senior roles
  • Two years of part-time study
  • Next start date:  Join our ongoing course on 18 January 2021