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Research Academy signs MRS Net Zero Pledge

We’re delighted to join the other forward-looking market research companies in signing the MRS Net Zero Pledge. This means that we’re committed to:

  1. Making our businesses net-zero by 2026.
  2. Tracking and publishing our carbon emissions, working to reduce and offset those emissions, and publishing these figures annually in the Industry Report.
  3. Collaborating across our sector and beyond, to share learnings and best practices to achieve the above goals.
  4. Supporting and encouraging conversations with our employees, partners, and clients about environmental concerns and viewpoints.

The MRS Net Zero Pledge was developed by the MRS Sustainability Council, which was set up in 2020 to make sure that the market research sector is doing its part for the planet.

As a member of the MRS Sustainability Council, Research Academy MD Mia Lorenz works to encourage younger researchers to own the sector’s sustainability agenda. This involves raising awareness of sustainability initiatives and events, such as the Young Person’s Sustainability Collective.

Mia, who is a co-founder of the Research Academy, said: “The planet is in crisis, and we can’t waste time in getting to net zero. I am wholeheartedly engaged in making the changes that are needed to care for the Earth and protect future generations. This is my top priority, on both a personal and a business level”.

Want to know more about our values, and our sustainability and diversity commitments? Click here, or simply set up a call with Mia. She loves a chat!

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