Special edition MRS Advanced Certificate online course now open!

    Special edition MRS Advanced Certificate online course launched on 15th April 2020

    Want to join our special edition MRS Advanced Certificate online course? Sign up now and start right away! We recommend that you start on the 1st of June at the latest, but there’s flexibility on this. Just give us a call on +44 20 3130 1431 or pop us an email.

    Why have we launched a special edition MRS Advanced Certificate online course?

    Normally, our autumn semester MRS Advanced Certificate course would have started on the 24th of August. But we know that many of you are facing difficult circumstances. You may be working from home and home-schooling at the same time. Or you might have been furloughed or made redundant. Our special edition MRS Advanced Certificate online course is designed to let you study at a slower pace, and prepare yourself for the January 2021 MRS assessment round.

    Is there financial assistance?

    If you’re struggling financially, you may be eligible for an MRBA Skills bursary. Click here to learn more: https://www.mrba.org.uk/skills/.

    About the MRS Advanced Certificate

    The MRS Advanced Certificate is the leading international, degree-level vocational qualification for the research sector. It’s designed for people with up to two years of experience in social or market research. If you want a career in market research, or already work in a junior client-side or agency-side role, this course is right for you!

    The MRS Advanced Certificate will help you establish yourself in the research sector and boost your confidence. Just ask our students! Samantha says, “I started using the material I was learning from day one and I believe that it helped me immensely as I was moving from client to agency side.” And Beatrice says, “I now feel a lot more confident in the decisions I make when reviewing proposals and undertaking my own research, and am well equipped to justify my decisions to the wider business.”

    Why study with us?

    Students love our supportive environment. Here’s how Caroline described her experience with us: “Feedback on the Advanced Certificate coursework is thorough and very constructive, which really helped me improve my work. It feels like your personal tutor is with you every step of the way.” And Stuart felt that “the teaching provided by the Research Academy was exceptional, both in terms of the standard and professionalism of the tutors, and the provision of study tools. In addition, the feedback you receive from your personal tutor is particularly helpful, not just to complete the integrated assessment to a high standard, but to make you become aware of all the things you need to consider when leading on a research project.”

    Learn more about the special edition MRS Advanced Certificate online course

    Intrigued? Want to learn more? Arrange a call with Course Leader Siavush Shahrizad, compare our online and face-to-face courses, or request a prospectus.

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    5 June

    Join our MRS Diploma course starting in August 2020

      Want to study for our MRS Diploma course starting in August 2020? We’ve still got spaces left, so give us a call on+44 20 3130 1431 or pop us an email.

      The MRS Diploma in Market and Social Research Practice is the leading international, postgraduate-level qualification for the research sector. It is designed for mid-career researchers who want to deepen their knowledge of research practice and upgrade their credentials. The MRS Diploma is suitable for both client-side and agency-side researchers. If you want to advance your career and move up to the most senior positions, the MRS Diploma will give you the knowledge and confidence you need.

      Not sure yet? Then listen to Camila, one of our many satisfied MRS Diploma graduates: “The Research Academy’s MRS Diploma course is truly an excellent course for professionals who are after that extra bit of confidence to push them further in their careers.” Or Ginny, who said: “I’ve found the MRS Diploma course incredibly helpful – it’s quite a lot of work but very rewarding – and I’ve gained the confidence to move into a senior position at work.”

      Our MRS Diploma course starting in August 2020 begins with a preparatory week, starting on Monday the 17th of August. It’s best to get your application in at least two weeks in advance, so why not start the process now?

      Learn more: Arrange a call with Course Leader Mia Lorenz, request a prospectus or read the admissions criteria.

      17 August

      June 2020 MRS Diploma Unit 5 exam moved to September

        Right now we’re thinking of all our students taking the MRS Diploma Unit 5 exam, which has been moved to September.

        The exam will take place at 11:30 on the 2nd of September. Remember to take your photo ID with you.

        We know how hard you’ve all worked, and we’re confident that you’ll exceed your own expectations. Good luck!!

        2 September

        MRS Advanced Certificate June 2020 exam moved to September

          The  MRS Advanced Certificate June 2020 exam will now take place in early September, on a date to be announced by the MRS.

          All of you now have extended study time. If you’ve not received our extended schedule yet, please contact your personal tutor to get a copy or download it from the online learning environment.

          We wish you the very best of luck with the exam!! You’ve all worked very hard, and we have every faith in your success!

          8 September