Paulina Dabrowska

MRBA Skills bursary winner Paulina looks to career change in market research

MRBA Skills Special Lockdown Bursary winner Paulina Dabrowska is ready to make a career change in market research after seven years as a project manager on the operational side. Having taken a sabbatical to volunteer in The Gambia, she’s now studying for the MRS Advanced Certificate to move into an insight function. As Paulina says, “the researcher role is particularly appealing because it allows for a more intellectually stimulating environment, enables more impact on research design and direction, and better engagement through the whole project lifecycle.

It can be hard to make a career change in market research, but it is possible. As Paulina put it, “starting my career in fieldwork operations seemed to have closed the door for the roles in research, and as a non-native speaker, I found it particularly challenging to move across. The bursary enables me to take the course which otherwise I will not be able to afford”.

As the MRS Advanced Certificate is a graduate-level professional qualification, studying for it always a good career move. But it can be especially helpful to those who want to make a career change in market research or return to the industry after a career break. Research Academy alumna Caroline Luxton-White, for instance, used our MRS Advanced Certificate course to launch a career as a freelance researcher.

Paulina is one of three MRBA Skills Special Lockdown Bursary winners who will join our MRS Advanced Certificate course this month. Commenting on her decision to study with us, she said “Research Academy has an excellent reputation among my research colleagues. The profiles of the tutors assured me about high teaching standards and offered the right balance in academic and practical knowledge. My early interactions with the team were very positive, demonstrating excellent support.”

If you’ve been furloughed or made redundant, you too can apply for an MRBA Skills bursary. The deadline for the next round of applications is the 18th of October 2020, which will enable you to join our January 2021 MRS Advanced Certificate course.

You can learn more about MRBA Skills in this video, which also features one of our graduates, and by visiting their website at

For more information about our MRS Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research course please drop us an email, or set up a call with Course Leader Sia.

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