Caroline White says…

“When I was made redundant from my university educational research post, I felt that my research career was over as the sector was badly hit during the economic downturn.  However, the idea struck me that I could transfer my skills to market research so, with some trepidation, I signed up for the Research Academy’s MRS Advanced Certificate course.  During the first webinar, I knew that I was back in research, and back to stay.  The tutors quickly rebuilt my confidence and the course both refreshed my skills and enabled me to transfer to market research.

Initially, as an experienced researcher, I found it a little tedious that we had to justify all design decisions in our coursework research proposal as I’d never had to do this in ‘real life’ proposal writing.  However, I quickly began to appreciate that this was a great approach for any proposal writing, even if it meant that in ‘real life’ you might not have to write down all your thinking.  I am now happily working as a freelancer and I’ve been amazed how much great educational research is taking place in the market research sector!”

Caroline Luxton-White, freelance researcher
MRS Advanced Certificate student 2016-17