22 Dec 2017

MRS Advanced Certificate course spaces & Christmas break

Due to a high level of demand for the January start of our MRS Advanced Certificate online course we have only one place left on our Tuesday morning tutorials, which run from 1100-1200 GMT/BST. There five spaces left on the Tuesday evening tutorials, which run from 1800 to 1900 GMT/BST. We’d like everyone who’s keen on the course to be able to participate. If you need or want to attend in the mornings, please submit your application. If enough people apply, we will add a tutorial session from 1100-1200 on Mondays.

If you’re based in London, consider taking our MRS Advanced Certificate face-to-face course – there are plenty of spaces left.

Our offices are closed between 23rd December and 2nd January. You’re welcome to submit an online application for our MRS Advanced Certificate course over the break. We’ll process it as soon as we’re back on the 2nd! We’re also taking applications for our MRS Diploma course, which you can start in January. Please email us to express your interest and we’ll call you back on the 2nd of January.

Have a warm and wonderful festive break!