07 Nov 2018

MRBA launches MRBA Skills, a new bursary to help UK researchers

The Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA) has launched a new bursary programme to support the careers of UK researchers – MRBA Skills. The bursaries offer financial help to researchers the MRS Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice.

“This is a really exciting initiative,” says MRBA Trustee responsible for MRBA Skills, Network Research MD Virginia Monk. “It’s wonderful that MRBA is able to do something to help people at the beginning of their careers who may not be able to afford to fund the cost of this qualification. We hope to be able to support up to 10 applicants a year.” Research Academy MD Mia Lorenz agrees, saying “we’ve been MRBA supporters for many years now, and we’re delighted about the launch of MRBA Skills. Not everyone can afford to study for this prestigious qualification, so it’s great to see that there’s support for those who really need it.”

MRBA Skills was launched in order to broaden the MRBA’s remit. As MRBA Chairman Ian Brace explains, “MRBA has been providing loans and grants to people who have needed financial assistance for the past four decades and we will continue to do so for as long as we’re needed. But one of the ways we think we can help improve people’s lives further, is to help them achieve the relevant qualifications that will make a difference to their career prospects and keep them out of need. That’s why we’re launching MRBA Skills.”

The MRBA Skills bursaries are open both to those who are new to the industry as well as those who are eager to improve their skills and enhance their prospects. Anyone wishing to study for the MRS Advanced Certificate with the Research Academy can apply, and the bursary covers both the online and face-to-face versions of the course. Those who wish to apply need to meet certain criteria regarding income and employment, which are explained on the MRBA website.