14 Jan 2021

January 2021 Covid policy – no face-to-face courses this spring

Are you considering our face-to-face MRS Advanced Certificate course in January 2021? Are you wondering about our Covid policy? Here it is – short and sweet.

Our Covid policy for January 2021

We will not offer any face-to-face tuition for our MRS Advanced Certificate course that starts on 25 January 2021. You can still join us though! If you take our online course, you can choose between live tutorials on Tuesdays at 1100, or Tuesdays at 1800.

As late as November 2020, we had hoped to provide exclusive two-hour group video tutorials for our face-to-face students instead of face-to-face teaching. The plan was to switch to face-to-face tuition once the R rate in London dropped. The new, more aggressive virus variants have made this original plan unthinkable. So with a heavy heart, we are ceasing face-to-face teaching for the time being.

Why no face-to-face teaching?

Our courses are designed so that students can attend after work. This means that the large majority of students, and our staff, use public transport to travel to class. We think it’s not safe to ask our students to travel to the venue. Moreover, it is our considered judgement that our venue – whilst beautiful – does not offer adequate distancing or ventilation. In fact, we have not offered any face-to-face delivery since 17 March 2020 in order to protect our students and staff.

What about courses starting in August 2021?

We hope to resume offering the face-to-face MRS Advanced Certificate course as soon as we can. The next course starts on 23 August, and we hope you’ll want to join it! Of course, a lot can happen between now and then, so we’ll keep you updated.

Questions about our Covid policy?

If you’d like to discuss our Covid policy in more detail, MRS Advanced Certificate Course Leader Sia Shahrizad will be delighted to speak with you. It’s easy to Set up a call with Sia.

Learn about research industry fieldwork rules

Head to the Coronavirus resources pages on the MRS website for extensive guidance and regular updates on how to handle face-to-face fieldwork situations.