02 May 2018

Our latest MRS Diploma and MRS Advanced Certificate results

We’ve got so much to celebrate in terms of assessment results that it’s hard to know where to start…

Firstly, congratulations to all of those MRS Diploma students who passed Units 1 and 4 in our December assessment cycle. We had a record pass rate on Unit 1 this time around, and we’re very proud of all the hard work that our candidates put in.

We’re also really pleased for our MRS Advanced Certificate students who participated in the January 2018 assessment cycle. Many of you did so well, especially on the exam, where Alice earned a Distinction. A further 13 candidates earned a Merit on the exam – truly a remarkable result. It was also lovely to see a rare Distinction being awarded on the coursework component. Ben, you did us proud.

These are challenging courses. We’re impressed, time and again, at the dedication, persistence and talent that our students bring to the task. It makes it a joy to teach all of you.