Research Academy Diploma Scholarship

Research Academy Diploma Scholarship

We support excellence in market and social research. Our annual Research Academy Diploma Scholarship offers one talented individual the chance to take our MRS Diploma online course, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Research Academy Diploma Scholarship is intended to aid an individual who will genuinely benefit from taking our MRS Diploma course, and who can demonstrate that he or she has the academic and personal qualities to excel on it. The scholarship is awarded every August, with applications due in mid-July.

The Research Academy Diploma Scholarship provides the winner with 50% off our tuition fees, including all personal tutoring. You will need to pay the other 50% of the tuition fee, as well as the MRS course registration fee and the MRS exam fees (there is an exam fee for Units 1 and 5). If you’re studying outside of the UK and want to take the exam in your home country, you’ll also need to pay the MRS/British Council overseas exam fees.

How to apply
To apply for the Research Academy Diploma Scholarship, you’ll need to write a personal statement and fill in our scholarship application form. Your statement should explain why you’d like to study for the MRS Diploma, what it will do for you and your career, why you feel you will excel academically, and most importantly, why we should award the scholarship to you!

If you feel the scholarship is for you, please contact us to request an application form, then submit the statement and completed form.

Eligibility criteria
The Research Academy Diploma Scholarship is open to everyone, regardless of income or location. To win it, you must make the case both for your ability to excel on the course and the concrete impact that gaining this qualification will have on your career. You also need to meet the standard eligibility criteria for the MRS Diploma.

Judging panel
The winner of the Research Academy Diploma Scholarship is chosen by a panel of our tutors and supporters. The name of the winner is announced on the second Tuesday of August each year.

Relevant dates for academic year 2018/19
Application deadline: 10 July 2018
Winner announced: 7 August 2018