Overseas students

Overseas students

Our online courses, which include live online tutorials’, are a great option if you live outside of the UK.

At the Research Academy, we strive to help you succeed, wherever you live. Our online, small-group tutorials are scheduled at times that are convenient to the majority of our students, including those who live overseas. We offer a tutorial that runs from 1100-1200 GMT/BST to accommodate time zone differences for our students in Asia. And if you miss a tutorial because it’s not at a convenient time, you can watch the recording later. Our online learning environment, supplemental videos and discussion forums are accessible around the clock, so you can study and interact with others whatever your time zone. Finally, your named personal tutor will support you via email and Skype (time zones allowing).

Prestigious international qualifications
The MRS is the world’s largest research association. Its Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research and its Diploma in Market and Social Research are, respectively, the leading degree-level and post-graduate vocational qualifications for the research sector. These credentials are recognised and respected internationally. Having one of these qualifications on your CV signals your credibility to employers and clients around the world. According to the MRS, students from over 40 countries take the exams for its qualifications.

Assessment for overseas students
The MRS Advanced Certificate course is assessed via a written coursework assignment and a pen-and-paper exam, while the MRS Diploma is assessed via two coursework assignments and two exams. If you live outside the UK, and cannot travel to the UK for an exam, you can make arrangements to sit the exams with your local British Council. The Market Research Society is a British Council partner, and many students have done this successfully over the past decade. When you contact the British Council in your country, they will help you.

You will need to pay the British Council charges for any invigilation and venue hire charges associated with the exam. These charges differ from country to country. Click here to find your local British Council exam centre.

You will also need to pay an £80 fee to the Market Research Society for dispatching your exam paper to the British Council (instead of the usual £27.50 exam fee that UK students pay).

Teaching language
Our courses are taught in English, and all assessment is in English. If English is not your first language, we will ask for certain qualifications, a list of which can be found in the ‘Language requirements’ tab of our Admissions page. However, we will not require an English language qualification if you can demonstrate that you have worked in a purely English-language environment for at least three years. We will do all we can to support you with your coursework and exam revision, but please bear in mind that you do need good English to pass the exam and coursework components.

Visas and accommodation
We do not provide student visas or student accommodation. If you want to study for the MRS Advanced Certificate with us in London, you will need to have a valid UK visa. In other words, you would need to already have a work or student visa (e.g., if you are taking an undergraduate course or doing a PhD) if you want to study with us. You will need to provide your own accommodation, and meet all other expenses associated with moving to and living in London.

If you have a specific question and have not found the answer here, please contact us. We’re happy to help.