Bursaries and scholarships

Bursaries and scholarships

Need help paying your fees?

Our courses aren’t eligible for Government grants, but all is not lost – bursaries and scholarships are available! You can potentially apply to one of two organisations if you need help with your tuition fees, MRBA Skills and the Black Heart Foundation. Read on to learn more about these bursaries and scholarships.

MRBA Skills bursaries – valid for any MRS Advanced Certificate course

With an MRBA Skills bursary, you can apply for any of our MRS Advanced Certificate courses. What’s more, the MRBA Skills bursaries aren’t just for people who’ve been furloughed or made redundant. They’re also great if you’re employed by a small business, or if you’re self-employed. To qualify, you need to reside in the UK, and one of the following needs to apply:

  • You work for an agency with an annual turnover of less than £2 million and you earn less than £35,000 annually, OR
  • You work for a client-side firm whose annual insight spend is less than £200,000 and you earn less than £35,000 annually, OR
  • You’re a freelancer researcher with an annual income of less than £50,000, OR
  • You’ve been made redundant from a research role, and want a new role in UK market or social research

For more information about the bursaries, please contact MRBA Skills directly.

The Black Heart Scholars Programme – valid for any of our courses

The Black Heart Foundation helps to improve educational access for children and young people from “under-privileged backgrounds, those in low resource environments, and those who are otherwise ‘at-risk’ due to poor health or nutrition, care, or focus”. You can apply if:

  • You can demonstrate that you’re in financial need
  • You come from an underprivileged background

There’s no deadline for applications, which are accepted any time. To learn more about the Black Heart Scholars Programme, please visit their website.