Stuart says…

“I recently became market research manager for a leading educational publisher. Although I had passed the MRS Foundation and Certificate in my previous position in product development, I’m largely self-taught. The MRS Diploma was therefore a chance for me to consolidate my knowledge, widen my understanding, submit my current ways of working to more rigorous analysis and increase my professional credibility. In particular I realised that – as a humanities graduate – my knowledge of quantitative approaches was lacking.

I’ve found the course tougher than I expected and have particularly struggled with working out how to apply my ’academic’ knowledge of research methods to the ’practical’ case study approach that the MRS assessments take.

Without the support of Research Academy I think I would have had great difficulty in maintaining engagement and passing the exams. I was delighted to gain a Distinction for the Qualitative Research unit, which would not have happened without Research Academy. I’ve found them to be exceptionally good – academically astute, supportive, experienced, encouraging, good-humoured and challenging. Above all they seem to care about students. I’m delighted I chose them.”

Stuart Hay
Market Research Manager
MRS Diploma online course 2013-15