Julia says…

“I did the MRS Advanced Certificate with a different learning company five years ago. Since then my role has expanded, making me responsible for customer research and insight across my organisation. I really needed to broaden my knowledge to ensure that our research methods were fit for purpose and based on sound theory and principles. The MRS Diploma with Research Academy (RA) fit the bill perfectly.

Having done well in the Advanced Certificate, I was a little complacent with Unit 1 of the Diploma. I soon discovered that the Diploma standards were higher and that RA’s standards were higher still! If you’re looking to do the bare minimum to scrape a pass, then RA isn’t for you. RA commit to helping you aim high. They enrich your learning with examples from their own experiences, hands-on webinars, extra reading, one-to-one tutorials and homework. It can be a lot when you have a busy work and home life, but it’s well worth it.

Coming from a primarily social research background, I struggled with some of the commercial market research elements. The Unit 2 assessment focussed on this and despite my initial fears, support from my RA tutor plus great discussions with classmates in tutorials helped me through successfully. I’ve had many opportunities to apply my new knowledge already and am delighted to report that the investment my employers are making in my training is paying off.”

Julia Frost
Insight and Intelligence Manager
Aster Group
MRS Diploma course 2014/15