Javier says…

“I decided to take this course thanks to the support of my employer, Rare. Although the company is in London, I work and live overseas, so the simple fact that it was an online course was a great advantage for me. I only had to travel to UK to take the exam… twice. Yes, I failed in my first attempt. The Research Academy team were very helpful, always following my evolution through all the exam preparations, and helping me improve.

In the beginning I was scared of the idea of having to attend online live classes due to my poor English. It is true that it was difficult, but I found a really considerate and very kind team, always keen to help. They were very, very patient teachers when correcting the assignment drafts. Their recommendations were all accurate and led me to hit the target. I think the results would be very different without so many corrections and suggestions. And it helped me to improve my English at the same time, as well!”

Javier Amor, Research Analyst, Rare: Training & Consulting
MRS Advanced Certificate 2018-19