Camila says…

“I am an Account Manager in South Africa, working for an international market research company. I decided to enrol for the MRS Diploma course with the Research Academy as I have worked in market research for eight years but didn’t ever feel as though I knew everything I needed to since I ‘happened upon’ my career in market research.

In South Africa there aren’t many courses that offer the kind of training the Research Academy offers. The online approach suited me and has worked exceptionally well. The Research Academy provides excellent training and guidance and really prepare you well for all the tasks and exams. I could never have done as well as I did without them.

After doing this course the biggest benefit to me as a market research professional and my career has been my confidence – I now can make more secure, well founded decisions on an every day basis. Being a quantitative researcher I wouldn’t have gone near a qualitative project before doing this course, but now I would gladly take one on, as I feel fully equipped to do so – I think that’s amazing.

I also received a distinction for the qualitative unit – definitely due to the Research Academy’s preparation and support. Mia and her team are incredibly knowledgeable. This is truly an excellent course for professionals who are after that extra bit of confidence to push them further in their careers.”

Camila Dixon
Account Manager, GfK
MRS Diploma online course 2013-15