Beatrice says…

Starting my career on a rotational grad scheme, I wanted to take the MRS Advanced Certificate to give myself a good technical grounding and to fill in gaps in my exposure to methodologies. I decided to study with the Research Academy to bring the content to life and to add some structure to the daunting concept of studying alongside my day job.

I found the support of the Research Academy particularly useful when writing my IA – the assessment is unlike anything I’ve written before, combining an academic style with a brief and proposal format. Having a personal tutor to bounce ideas off and to review my work as I went was invaluable, particularly as discussion is such a fundamental part of the IA. Talking through not only the right approach, but also why I wouldn’t apply other methodologies or techniques really helped to deepen my understanding. I now feel a lot more confident in the decisions I make when reviewing proposals and undertaking my own research, and am well equipped to justify my decisions to the wider business.  

Beatrice Jones, Customer Researcher, Marks & Spencer
MRS Advanced Certificate 2018-19