Our values

Our values


As the years have slipped by since the Paris Accord, the planet has edged ever closer to climate disaster. The situation is urgent if young humans, and many other lifeforms, are to have a future. Every company and every business leader must play their part, no matter how small the business. And that includes us.

The Research Academy is a signatory to the MRS Net Zero Pledge. This means we commit to:
1. Making our businesses net-zero by 2026.
2. Tracking and publishing our carbon emissions, working to reduce and offset those emissions and publishing these figures annually in the Industry Report.
3. Collaborating across our sector and beyond, to share learnings and best practices to achieve the above goals.
4. Supporting and encouraging conversations and call outs by our employees, partners and clients about environmental concerns and viewpoints.

We’ve been a remote-first business since 2013, so our carbon footprint is different to that of the typical office-based business. Becoming carbon-neutral means we’ll shift to green web hosting, offset travel to meetings, and help employees and contractors take their home offices to net zero.

We will publish regular updates as we grapple with our first carbon emissions audit and set up ongoing tracking. This creates transparency for our customers and students. We also hope that by sharing our journey, we inspire other micro-businesses to do the same.

Research Academy MD Mia Lorenz is a member of the MRS Sustainability Council, which works to take the MRS Net Zero Pledge forward. She collaborates to encourage younger researchers to own the sector’s sustainability agenda. This involves raising awareness of sustainability initiatives and events, such as the Young Person’s Sustainability Collective.

Inclusion and diversity

The Research Academy’s founders are a woman and a man of colour. So we know what it’s like to face discrimination in educational and workplace settings. As you can imagine, inclusion and diversity are issues close to our hearts.

We aim to make learning engaging and effective for all our students, regardless of who they are or where they come from. We want them to be able to express themselves and to broaden their horizons. So for instance when we teach questionnaire design, we talk about what’s appropriate when asking about gender and age.

When we carry out research for clients, we’re mindful of diversity. We bring this ethos into the entire process, whether that’s in sampling, fieldwork, analysis, or client conversations.