Our approach

Our approach

We’ve done our homework on what works best for busy people studying part-time for professional qualifications. Our methods are built on in-depth research into adult pedagogy and are backed up by the latest online learning technology.

We believe in hands-on teaching by practicing professional researchers. Our instructors are all active in market research, social research or both, working with government bodies, charities, Fortune 400 brands and communications agencies. This means you’ll get practical advice from a wide variety of perspectives.

We looked into what people want from professional qualifications courses. Many said they wanted more interaction with classmates and tutors, so our solution is to group students into small cohorts. You’ll get to know a group of highly motivated peers, you’ll get to practice the sort of teamwork required on the job and you’ll build your professional network. Our students come from large and small agencies, public sector organisations, small businesses and multinationals, and some are freelancer researchers.

Our interactive online learning environment puts a range of resources at your fingertips, from downloadable supplementary material to our 24/7 discussion forum. It’s available to all students, including those who choose our face-to-face courses.

Our learning materials include real-life case studies and insights from cutting edge thinkers. For instance, we’ve worked with Monkey See, a brand, communications and behaviour change research agency, to create a case study for our MRS Diploma students based on the agency’s StepJockey initiative. The initiative promotes fitness by labelling stairs everywhere with the calories people would burn by climbing them.

Our approach features—

  • Live classes and tutorials, not pre-taped videos
  • Recordings of our live online tutorials in case you miss a class
  • Interactive and engaging online learning environment
  • The flexibility to fit with work and family life

Our instructors are all—

  • Professionals who work in market and/or social research
  • Seasoned teachers who are passionate about the course

We support you with—

  • A named personal tutor: learn about the team
  • Tutoring that is engaged and extremely responsive
  • A carefully structured curriculum to keep you on track

Constructive, personalised feedback includes—

  • Written comments on coursework drafts and important mock exam tasks
  • Coaching on what MRS examiners want and how to provide it

It’s the best possible foundation for your research career—

  • Training beyond the curriculum that you can apply at work
  • Practical insights and tips to help you stand out on the job